Black Business

What can we say about black business?Except that it employs so little black people, that we even question the existence of it. Think about it, when was the last time you applied for a job at a black owned business? And I mean an actual black business, not a “B-BBEE” business. And to add insult Read More

The Importance of goal setting in business

So you have decided to start a business. Assuming that you already have a plan written down. Then you can start executing. Perhaps you might also want to prepare yourself for not making any money. Or worse making negative money. Still fortune favors the prepared. It’s not a secret that in business you will be Read More

The white lies of religion

The increasing number of churches is alarming. Because it indicates a cry for help. That is why I do not subscribe to making jokes about religion. After all the most basic of all questions in life still remains unanswered. Religion provides the best guess in this regard. There is more churches in poor communities than Read More

The national credit act contributes to unemployment

Many of us have been through the application process. And we have had to sign a consent form. Without hesitation we give our potential employer permission to do a credit check on us. In most cases we give this permission to recruitment agencies as well. The consent form is law, part of the national credit Read More

The government

It is true, we cannot speak of a government without including its institutions. They are one in the same. The education department, the health department and of course Eskom just to name a few. There is no doubt that the various institutions were made to make it easier to govern, and difficult to serve. Governments Read More

On ethical behavior

We make the mistake of thinking the standard of ethics is the same for everyone. That is why most of the time we get shocked when people do what we think is wrong. Ethical behavior is more personal than we think. Right and wrong is not the same for everyone, even though we assume that Read More

African corruption

Like a plague corruption spreads in Africa. And it brings with it a sense of hopelessness like an incurable disease. As a result the average African is loosing confidence in the future of the continent. And this contributes to the ‘get-rich-quick and enjoy-it-while-you-can’ mentality. This mentality of course leads to more corruption, even when new Read More

The shame of unemployment

Is unemployment failure of the individual or is it failure of the government? There is about 6 million unemployed people in South Africa. And the youth unemployment rose by 55.2% from 2018 to 2019. But yet it is funny how there is a stigma attached to being unemployed. Many a people have had to turn Read More

Globalization, a new world order

Globalization is the wolf in sheep clothing. Disguised as ‘uniting’ the world. But it is killing Africa. A western philosopher by name of Plato warned. That the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery arise out of the most extreme liberty. So is there extreme liberty in Africa? Because there is definitely evidence of tyranny Read More

African Leaders

We judge our African leaders harshly. We put blame on them for the African Condition. Will our thirst for the ‘right leaders’ ever be quenched? Of course criticism has its place. And in some cases judgement is necessary. Especially when we consider mis-management of state resources. But is it fair? Take president Cyril Ramaphosa for Read More

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