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A Better life for the few

The previous government did not care about a better life for all. No, it cared about a better life for whites only. Maybe they knew that a better life for all is impossible. That a better life for the few is more likely. Regardless they made sure that their policy favors a better life for Read More

Public policy and public opinion

Policy is the allocation of money in simpler terms. It directly and indirectly affects our daily lives. And I have mentioned before that the general public cannot influence public policy. So even though social networks are packed full of public opinion. These do not influence public policy. But public policy influences public opinion. Only the Read More

June 16 Commemorations Aftermath

  Alright by now we are used to June 16 right? It seems to be the same story on repeat. Meanwhile the youth of today are still as oppressed as the youth of 76. So of course the president will make a speech. Extensive news coverage. And other political leaders will join in the party.  Read More

Government of the people, by the people, for the people…

A democracy means a rule by the people. But ours is an indirect democracy. We vote for people who make decisions. Decisions that affect the way our community is run. For example do we choose the cabinet members? Do we choose the laws they make? They decide what is best for us. And we draw Read More

The Party, the voters and the promises

Elections done. The ANC won, of course. I once met a COPE member who said to me. That no liberation movement party has ever, in the history of the world. Led a country for over 15 years. He was mistaken. I heard the DA cry foul. If any party had won, other than the ANC, Read More

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